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I’m a storyteller, entrepreneur, community leader and humanitarian who understands the power of words, the importance of giving voice to those often misrepresented or unheard, and the value of sharing life-giving stories. My career began as a reporter for Rogers TV. My role diversified to include being a talk show host. In 2010, I joined CBC News serving St John’s, Calgary and Edmonton as a multi-platform reporter and anchor. In 2014, I moved on to work as a videojournalist for Global BC. Teamwork and collaboration are key to providing award-winning coverage. Some of the team accomplishments I’ve contributed to include: the Gemini Award 2011 for Hurricane Igor coverage, and a Jack Webster Award Nomination in 2017 for Breaking News; coverage of the Calgary Floods in 2014, the BC Wildfires in 2017, and the Royal Visit in 2016.

I also spent six years as a freelance writer and magazine editor for Planet Africa. This quarterly publication celebrates the achievements of the African Canadian community and shares the stories of individuals, organizations, and businesses effecting positive change in society. My career continued to further in this direction as I helped relaunch the Canadian Association of Black Journalists (CABJ), serving as Executive Director. This national organization works to counter systematic racism in the media through advocacy and education. I continue to educate and inspire the public through journalism. This role allows me to invest in the next generation of Black reporters and media experts.

Finally, I’m also a co-founder of Not Forgotten Global Missions Association. This non-profit provides housing and basic needs for widowed women and their children, and those orphaned from civil unrest. Not Forgotten’s first mission is in Democratic Republic of Congo. The vision is for this non-profit to grow, serving those in impoverished communities around the world. Eventually, Not Forgotten hopes to provide trauma-informed counseling services alongside educational programs that focus on personal growth and skill development. Already, they’re seeing a change in the lives of the women and children they currently serve. Our hope is that by demonstrating the love of Christ, we can see the lives of women and children restored.

Nadia speaking at Little Flower Academy in Vancouver (2019).

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