Building Team Nadia

“You need a coaching team.”

These words from one of my mentors echoes in my mind. I’ve always had a mentor, someone I could turn to in different seasons of life. However, I’d only replace them if one of us moved (I don’t do long distance relationships). The idea of a team–an entire group of people nurturing my success–is relatively new to me.

We all have cheerleaders in our corner: the friends and family who support us with unwavering love. While they might help us deal with personal challenges, they aren’t always equipped to help us climb our professional mountains, fulfilling our purpose.

I’m now embarking on a journey of building Team Nadia. It begins with two questions:

1. Who do I have now?

2. Based on where I’m going, who do I need?

Every team should be built strategically. Haphazardly assembled teams might get the job done, but their success is limited because they lack a sense of purpose. Much of this leadership journey has been about connecting with a deep sense of purpose. I’m now ready to run with it, but, honestly, I don’t know how: I’m brimming with ideas, but need help honing them.

I truly believe there is wisdom in the counsel of many (Prov. 15:22), which is why I’m excited about building Team Nadia. It’ll be one of my projects over the next six months.

So, what about you: who’s on your team?

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Videojournalist/Reporter for Global BC. Former Anchor/Reporter for CBC and CTV. Lover of eBay, adventures, good stories, cupcakes (not in that order).

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