What you don’t know…

Over the last few days, I’ve had a few reporting firsts.

Among them: I flew in a float plane.


My cameraman and I flew over the Pacific Coastal Ranges, for an assignment in the Great Bear Rainforest. Our stories focused on Eco-Tourism and the controversial grizzly bear hunt.

Another first: I spent two nights on a floating lodge.


An exciting experience, no doubt…but (at least until this post went up) this whole trip was also a closely guarded secret. While I told my friends and sisters about the trip, I purposely left Mom off the ‘need-to-know’ list.


Let me explain…

While I don’t worry much about the places this job takes me, Mom does–as any mother would. Being the only child living outside the GTA (and doing some not-so-everyday things in the name of news), I am the focus of much maternal worry: about my vitamin intake, my diet, my water consumption and whether or not the front door is *actually* locked (HINT: it isn’t locked until, while on the phone with your mother, you get out of bed and check the door).

So, I can only imagine how a conversation about me in riding in a 3-seater float plane to go check out some grizzly bears in the middle of God’s country would have gone over.


I opt instead to tell my older sister, who usually agrees it’s probably wise not to tell Mom about the trips…or about the time I repelled down the side of that 30-storey building…


While chatting with our guide at the floating lodge, I confessed to this strategic secret-keeping. A father himself, he offered no judgement: he tells his adult daughter it’s probably best she doesn’t tell him about the all things she gets up to either.

Thankfully, Mom isn’t savvy on the internets so this post-Mother’s Day confession will fly under her radar. What she doesn’t know about my day-to-day adventures won’t cause her any more worry than any child wants to inflict on a loving parent.